20 Acres, Nineteen 100′ Hoop Houses, Irrigation, Social Enterprise Business Partnership for Local Food Production Available, Guilford County

— Written By William Hamilton

Do you have the passion and the experience to grow tons of local food for your community? Do you have a big heart? Are you the right person for this opportunity? Peacehaven Farm was gifted 20 acres with nineteen 100′ hoop houses, two strong wells, a pond, and irrigations system. They are looking for a partnership to restart this valuable asset as a social enterprise providing jobs for individuals with disabilities and healthy food for the community. They are open to many different business arrangements as long they align with Peacehaven’s mission and core values. The property is in East Guilford County, east of Greensboro. The property needs some TLC including new greenhouse plastic and managing unwanted vegetation that has grown up since the prior business shut down in 2017. If you have a passion for local food production and are interested in a social enterprise but don’t have the land or infrastructure to follow your dream, this could be your opportunity.

Contact Peacehaven Farm Executive Director Buck Cochran at buck.cochran@peacehavenfarm.org or 336-449-9900 to inquire. See the NC Farmlink website for more information. NC FarmLink is here to support farm seekers and landowners. Best Regards, William Hamilton – NC FarmLink Co-Director. NC FarmLink is a program of NC State Extension.