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NC State Extension

Find a Farm

  • Are you a beginning farmer looking for an acre or less to get started?
  • An experienced farmer looking for additional acreage to expand your operation?

No matter where you are in your career or what you are looking for, NC FarmLink can assist you in locating property to suit your needs and goals.

Expect to see a wide variety of tenure arrangements listed here, from purchasing or leasing a piece of land to apprenticing or receiving mentorship on an existing farm. You can simply browse farmland listings, or you can create a Farmland Seeker profile to outline your specific needs—upon completion and a quick staff review, your profile will be available for landowners to browse.

Tips for creating your Farmland Seeker profile

Be as detailed as possible!

Remember that many landowners are not just looking for a farmer whose production goals match their land, but are also interested in seeing evidence of experience. Consider uploading a resume to supplement the available fields and give landowners a more detailed picture of who you are and what you are capable of.

When landowners browse seeker listings, they will see:

  • your name
  • your production goals
  • the short tagline you created summarizing who you are and what you’re looking for

Only once a landowner choses to click on your name will they see your full, detailed profile. Your tagline is a great opportunity to set yourself apart. Clear, concise taglines will attract the best possible opportunities. Be creative!

Tips for browsing farmland listings

You can browse all listings, or use the search filters to view only listings that meet your criteria.

Search filters include:

  • Acres – total
  • Acres – cropland/tillable
  • Acres – pasture
  • Region/County (view the region map we used here)
  • Setting (rural, urban, suburban)
  • Type of opportunity (sale, lease, etc)
  • Equipment and infrastructure available (buildings, water, fencing, etc)
  • Current production on farm (livestock, vegetables, grain, etc)
  • Current production practices (organic, conventional, transitioning, etc)

Narrow your farmland search by the factors you care most about, but avoid creating parameters for areas you aren’t as concerned with — if you narrow your search too much you could miss out on a great opportunity!

Be aware that some landowners may create listings that are more detailed than others, so it’s worth exploring listings that leave you with some questions.

Certified Farm Seeker Program

Become a Certified Farm Seeker and demonstrate to farm owners that you are ready to run a farm business. Having CFS recognition shows landowners that you are serious about establishing or expanding a farm enterprise and have completed the planning necessary for long-term success.

Certified Farm Seekers need to show at least one of these criteria:

  • has a professional resume that highlights the seeker’s farm knowledge and experience
  • proof a farm training program has been completed
  • has a farm business plan

Once you have filled out your Farm Seeker profile, your profile will be reviewed and certification will be awarded. This will be shown on your listing with the CFS icon for landowners to see. If you need help accomplishing your goals, from finding training programs to creating a business plan, please see the links in the Farm Seeker resource page.