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FarmBetter: Enhanced Learning Resources for the COVID Era

Social distancing goals to help control the spread of COVID 19 require new and innovative ways to equip K-14 formal and informal agriculture educators across the nation so that they can continue to provide educational curricula to their students. Gamification and ‘serious games’ are educational methodologies to enhance learner engagement, with serious games being a more immersive experience in an authentic situation. This project involves 1) gamification of a farm management software tool, 2) customizing a serious game for agroecology to 4 US model farms, and 3) development of a more enhanced serious game. All three aspects of this project are focused on rapidly deployable learning resources targeted to K-14 formal and informal learners and their educational professionals. 

Serious games combine learning strategies, knowledge and structures, and game elements to teach specific skills, knowledge and attitudes.They are designed to solve problems in several areas and involve challenges and rewards, using the entertainment and engagement components provided when the user is playing games.

Any formal or informal K-14 agriculture education programs located in the United States are invited to submit a request to participate in this project.

If you wish to nominate someone or to self-nominate for the FarmBetter Advisory Board, kindly complete this form.

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Dr. Noah Ranells