Farm Legacy and Estate Planning: Strategies for Risk, Resilience, and Culture

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The Farmers Of Color Network at RAFI-USA recently hosted an exceptional group of farmers to talk about their individual and collective experiences on farming and estate planning with a focus on reducing risk, enhancing resilience, and BIPOC cultural issues.

Of the 46,418 farm in North Carolina, only 1,367 (2.9%) are Black-owned, representing 91,490 acres and 1.1% of all farmland in North Carolina (USDA Ag Census, 2017, Table 1 and Table 61). These numbers could drop even lower as farmers of color face challenges in acquiring and retaining farmland given the persistent racial and economic barriers to land ownership. To add to these impediments, farms owned by elderly producers are vulnerable to loss without a clear succession plan and the proper legal instruments to keep their families on the land.

Listen to the webinar and hear stories of legacy farms across the Southern United States, strategies for increasing resilience and family consensus, and tools to ensure successful land transfer to the next generation.

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