Western NC FarmLink Office Has a New Home!

— Written By William Hamilton
The Home Place

Home of NC FarmLink (western office)

The Corona Virus crisis has changed all our lives in so many different ways. I believe many of us have experienced hardships and challenges but hopefully you have found silver linings as I have. I recently moved my office down to our dad’s house, the home where five of us kids grew up. Our mother passed away this past March, and I am so glad to be here, to be able to interact with Dad in this historic 1920’s log cabin and its beautiful grounds. The house sits in the middle of the Fairview valley where a concentration of nationally significant prime soils and clean water supports multiple farms that produce milk, organic vegetables and flowers, and grass fed beef and free range pork. Its a little bit of heaven. I have a corner office, second and third windows from the right on the top floor!

At NC FarmLink, we mainly do two things. 1) We work to help farmers who are seeking land to farm, or seeking more land to expand their existing operations, and 2) we work with non farming landowners who are seeking someone to farm their land which can include leasing, selling, business transfer, mentorship, employment, and other arrangements along those lines. Land types include open agricultural land as well as forested tracts.

Please let us know if we can be of any assistance!