Let’s Talk – NC FarmLink Goes Virtual

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William and I were excited when we came on board as the NC FarmLink Co-Directors farm sitebecause we are both passionate about keeping farmland productive and stewarded by those who have farming in their blood. And those are the folks we are really missing these days as we all respect the efforts to reduce spread of COVID-19. We love visiting your farms, the fields that you’ve cultivated for years and the livestock herds and flocks that you’ve cherished and grown over the years. We want to stay connected to you, and that is why we are launching the virtual version of NC FarmLink. Like telemedicine, we seek to provide effective and efficient online meetings with property owners and farm seekers through web based Zoom meetings. If you wish we can seek to include your local county agent, another family member, or someone else you want to participate. It is important to have good wifi or internet connectivity for this service. If that isn’t available, we are glad to set up a time for a phone conversation. While it might not be around the kitchen table, in the barn or pasture, or under the oak tree, we think we can help you become more familiar about the services we offer and the associated resources related to connecting farmers to land as well as farm transition options. To arrange for a Zoom meeting, please complete this brief intake form and we will reply as soon as we are able.