Using the Right Tool – or the Best Tool Available!

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Image of toolsUsing the right tool for any given task is always our goal, but we all have made do when the right or best tool wasn’t available. We hope your farm and family are safe and taking appropriate precautions to lessen the impact of COVID-19 to you and those close to you. And with the current “stay-home” order there may be time to consider farm transition options for your family. One resource that deserves your attention addresses the topic of handwritten or holographic wills. This new resource developed by Andrew Branan, Extension Assistant Professor of Ag & Environmental Law, shares tips on criteria to include so that your handwritten will can be considered in the probate process and ensure your assets are distributed as you intend. Taking the time to consider this now will also be helpful for any future visit with an estate attorney… and you will save money by giving it thought in advance of your visit to the attorney’s office!!!