Mathews Family Farms Connects With NC FarmLink

— Written By William Hamilton
Mathews Family

The Mathews Family

We are proud to have briefly crossed virtual paths with Kevin Mathews of Mathews Family Farms in the Yadkin River Valley in our mission to connect farmers with landowners. Mathews Family Farms recently picked up approximately 13.5 acres of bottomland and 16.5 acres of upland to lease in Forsyth County through a connection with NC FarmLink to an absentee landowner who was looking for someone to farm her land. A lifelong 4th generation farmer, Kevin and his wife Cindy will grow corn, soybeans, and barley on the cropland, adding it to about 6,000 acres of land that they lease and own in the Yadkin River Valley.

Kevin has made a name for Mathews Family Farms by focusing intently on crop health through precision irrigation and fertilization, setting a new NC Soybean Yield Record with an entry of 107.4 bushels per acre during the 2017 growing season. While Kevin and his family have won state and national prizes for their soybean yields, growing corn is where Kevin’s real passion lies. Farming in the NC piedmont presents all kinds of challenges including irregular field shapes, rolling topography, floodplain, and a wide variety of soil types. To overcome the inefficiencies of moving equipment around (they spend about 30% of their time moving equipment from field to field) Kevin became an early adopter of subsurface drip irrigation (SDI). Delivering water and nutrients in the exact right quantities to each plant, as well as practicing no-till, non-irrigation practices has allowed Kevin to use 30% less nitrogen, greatly reducing runoff into the Yadkin River watershed while experiencing 300+ bushel/acre corn yields.
Kevin is an agricultural leader in the state of NC so it wasn’t hard to find several articles and videos featuring Kevin and Mathews Family Farm while searching online. Southern Farm Network published this article in January 2018 about Kevin’s soybean yield records. Read more about Kevin’s utilization of precision agriculture in NC Farm Bureau’s Field and Family. Want to learn more about how Kevin Mathews makes 300-bushel corn? Read more about that in the Southeast FarmPress.  Several great videos of Kevin and Mathews Family Farm include one from Xtreme Ag, and a video created by Genesis Ag on YouTube. Although this article in Farm Progress is 15 years old, it’s a great reflection on Kevin’s commitment to his family, to his community, and a tribute to his faith.
Kevin serves on the Board of Directors of the NC Soybean Producers Association, is a Volunteer Fire/First Responder with Forbush Volunteer Fire Department, and serves as a member of the Yadkin County Farm Bureau Board. For further information about Mathews Family FarmsDeep Creek Grain Inc., Precision Nutrient Management Inc., and Xtreme Ag, LLC (a member-based learning website), all businesses owned and operated by Kevin and his family,  please visit the included links.