Landowner Alert: Here’s a Chance to Improve the Quality of Life in Your Community

— Written By William Hamilton

Leslie Lewis and Anthony Post

Do you want to improve the quality of life in your community? How about luring Leslie Lewis and Anthony Post down from the Hudson Valley to start their own farm in your community. Leslie and Anthony are no-till organic farmers seeking 3-5 acres for CSA/Market vegetable production. They are open to considering anywhere in NC that would appreciate the work that they do.

Leslie and Anthony currently lease and manage1.5 acres on a no-till organic vegetable production farm in the Hudson Valley of New York. They service a 60 member CSA and attend 2 farmer’s markets in Hudson Valley.

Leslie grew up in the Midwest (central Illinois) where farming takes the shape of big corn and soy. She never thought once about farming despite the fact that her mother worked as a Soil Conservationist for the USDA NRCS. She went on to study Public Relations and took a job at a environmental non-profit that brought her to the East Coast.

Before apprenticing at the Glynwood Center in New York Leslie spent time at two different farms in Argentina (an arugula and herb farm outside of Buenos Aires and a cherry and vegetable farm in the arid Mendoza region. It was a fascinating way for her to see the world and to experience small scale local agriculture in another culture and climate.

Anthony grew up in Cape Cod. He studied physics as an undergrad at Lafayette College in PA and then went on to receive his Master’s in physics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in NY where he was focused on photonic crystals. Their paths crossed in 2018 as farm apprentices at Glynwood Center in New York and they now have about 7 seasons of combined farming under their belts. They have come to farming from an environmental foundation fueled by the desire to do work that can can make a difference in the environment and the health of their communities as the world rapidly changes.

Leslie and Anthony will eventually need a greenhouse, high tunnel for growing tomatoes, indoor/outdoor washing area, a barn for storage and a cooler. If thats already on site they can lease it. If they will need to build this infrastructure, they will need a lease to own or purchase opportunity to make it worth the capital investments they will need to make. Build your community! Call Leslie and Anthony! Call or email me at 828-273-5663 or to get their number.

You can also see their farmer profile on our website at their profile page. In order to see their contact information you will need to register as a landowner or land seeker. Or just call me.